Step out of your comfort zone!

If there’s anything I’ve learnt in my years as a developer, it’s this:
When you’re faced with a learning oppurtunity, don’t take a backseat.
Ride shotgun all the way uphill, until you get something of value in return.
Step out of your comfort zone!

It’s not easy obviously and this concept can be applied to any creative profession in indie game development. It helps to surround yourself with like-minded individuals.
They become your motivating forces and when you see a peer succeed in something they’ve put their heart and soul into, it makes you try all the harder.

I remember this one time, one of my mentors dropped this wisdom bomb on me.
He said “A crappy, not so great, not that original; but released game, is still way better than a super tested, sleek, awesome unreleased game”
Sounds pretty simple right? Simple, but powerful.

For my fellow developers starting on their next title or other devs who are just starting their companies:

Keep at it!
Build the vision you imagined and deliver the experience you intended for your audience. And on the way there, learn from everyone and everything, especially your mistakes. When you fail, don’t worry about it, in fact – fail harder!
Welcome failure and falling on your face, because no one ever got better by never making a mistake!

. Amina Khaliqueย | Technical Director .

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