Team Effort!

We’ve been a part of a couple of indie development projects for a while now and one thing we’ve noticed is, the key element of a games success lies in: Team Communication

How often your team communicates with one another and the quality of the communication can directly effect the results of a departments production.
Good communication also goes a long way to just building team rapport.
We’re making games, we’re looking to create a friendly and open environment while combining our passions and expertise to make something awesome!

Programmers should be talking to other programmers about their code and design ideas, same goes for Artists; sharing your work and developing a consistent art style.
Working as part of an indie dev company is really cool and satisfying because everyone is so close together. We all wear many hats and come from different backgrounds but that doesn’t change the vision of our projects.

The team had our first online meet-up for the new AWITT title we’re working on and it was a total blast getting to talk to our artists and get to know them!

From a skills standpoint there will always be a big fundamental difference between the creative, technical and design departments, however the beauty of game development lies in bringing all those separate pieces together.

It’s easy to get lost in the work you’re so passionate about, but at the end of the day, it’s the people that we work with, that matter the most. 


. Amina Khalique | Technical Director .


. Bradley Widner | Game Designer .

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