Given that we’re a largely online team, I wanted to get everyone together in the same space, I honestly had the theme song from Mulan playing over and over in the back of my head: “Let’s get down to business, to defeat the jams!”, yea no,  I couldn’t think of any rhymes for ‘huns’ at the time, but you get the drift haha!

Defeat the games!.gif

Deciding on a place where everyone can get to was a bit of a pain. I looked a lot into co-working spaces and renting out rooms here and there, but they all lacked that “homey” feel and were unnecessarily expensive for what we needed,  so we ended up at Brad’s (Game Designer) house. It was much more relaxed and laid back!

The Setup
Can I just quickly shine a spotlight on how awesome folding tables are?
Like seriously – these babies made setting up and creating work desks super fast. Easy to transport, easy to put away and good wide workspace, buy once use multiple times!
(I mean cmon, I literally had a massive T.V, mechanical keyboard, mini monitor AND space for all my junk on mine :D)

Coder Setup (Before the attack of the funko pops).jpg

Other than that it was just making sure everyone could get connected and work!

  • Ethernet Wires
  • Multiple Extension Cords
  • Multi Plugs

There was plenty of coffee/coke and unhealthy chippy snacks, though we were good – we had some bananas and apples too. See breaking that game dev stereotype and being good haha!

Who Attended?
Special Forever Guest Sophie 🙂

What We Worked On

  • New Stories
  • Code Changes to Scenario Flow
  • Story Task Management Updates
  • Combat Design and First Pass Combat UI

What did we like about it the most?

Amina  “I wasn’t a lonely coder for once! It was AWESOME hearing people crack dad jokes and sarcastic comments about all the things :D” – Amina
AYESHA “I loved being a part of the Jam! It was a lot of fun working with the team and getting to meet Indigo and Sophie. The highlight was the saki and the udon noodle soup! ;)” – Ayesha
Brad “I felt like a BOSS, being in that other room and having people come to ‘visit’ me, hahaha” – Brad
Indigo “I think the best part was getting to physically work together in a group and being able to bounce ideas off each other :D” – Indigo

Lessons Learnt
Make a jam box! Geez! We had way too much stuff to be bringing back and forth in multiple bags, so yea – let’s NOT do that again. Now I’m all excited about marking up a card box with colorful jam stuff!

Oh and heck yes, we’re doing this again next month and probably every month from now on heh, so stay tuned! 

. Amina Khalique | Technical Director .

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