Given that we’re a largely online team, I wanted to get everyone together in the same space, I honestly had the theme song from Mulan playing over and over in the back of my head: “Let’s get down to business, to defeat the jams!”, yea no, ย I couldn’t think of any rhymes for ‘huns’ at the time, but you get the drift haha!

Defeat the games!.gif

Deciding on a place where everyone can get to was a bit of a pain. I looked a lot into co-working spaces and renting out rooms here and there, but they all lacked that “homey” feel and were unnecessarily expensive for what we needed, ย so we ended up at Brad’s (Game Designer) house. It was much more relaxed and laid back!

The Setup
Can I just quickly shine a spotlight on how awesome folding tables are?
Like seriously – these babies made setting up and creating work desks super fast. Easy to transport, easy to put away and good wide workspace, buy once use multiple times!
(I mean cmon, I literally had a massive T.V, mechanical keyboard, mini monitor AND space for all my junk on mine :D)

Coder Setup (Before the attack of the funko pops).jpg

Other than that it was just making sure everyone could get connected and work!

  • Ethernet Wires
  • Multiple Extension Cords
  • Multi Plugs

There was plenty of coffee/coke and unhealthy chippy snacks, though we were good – we had some bananas and apples too. See breaking that game dev stereotype and being good haha!

Who Attended?
Special Forever Guest Sophie ๐Ÿ™‚

What We Worked On

  • New Stories
  • Code Changes to Scenario Flow
  • Story Task Management Updates
  • Combat Design and First Pass Combat UI

What did we like about it the most?

Amina ย “I wasn’t a lonely coder for once! It was AWESOME hearing people crack dad jokes and sarcastic comments about all the things :D” – Amina
AYESHA “I loved being a part of the Jam! It was a lot of fun working with the team and getting to meet Indigo and Sophie. The highlight was the saki and the udon noodle soup! ;)” – Ayesha
Brad “I felt like a BOSS, being in that other room and having people come to ‘visit’ me, hahaha” – Brad
Indigo “I think the best part was getting to physically work together in a group and being able to bounce ideas off each other :D” – Indigo

Lessons Learnt
Make a jam box! Geez! We had way too much stuff to be bringing back and forth in multiple bags, so yea – let’s NOT do that again. Now I’m all excited about marking up a card box with colorful jam stuff!

Oh and heck yes, we’re doing this again next month and probably every month from now on heh, so stay tuned!ย 

. Amina Khalique | Technical Director .

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