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It’s definitely been awhile since our last blog post about our first PBS jam day …
We had plans to host a jam monthly since then, but as life would have it, well… life kind of got in the way of that. BUT! A LOT and I mean A LOT of good changes have occurred in the last few months regardless!

I recently won a Canada wide award called Developer 30 under 30 and was featured on CanadianBusiness.com, you can check it out here

AwardI honestly cannot describe how proud (and surprised!) I am to receive such an awesome award!

I have always felt like there just wasn’t ever any proper recognition for developers and software engineers and then Plastic Mobile comes up and proves me wrong by giving me this awesome (and heavy!) prism thing with my name on it 😀

Here are some more pictures from a really cool fun night!

We did a hold PBS jam recently, it was on a dull-ish day and everyone was exhausted from their day jobs / life. However, we still discussed a bunch of things on the AWITT agenda and we’re hoping the next jam is plenty more productive and awesome!

Oh! And would you believe it when I say that 4 members of our team are now ENGAGED? Isn’t that just incredible?! Well, 2 of them happen to be… well you guessed it! Brad and I 🙂

On the other hand, unfortunately, and this saddens me and overjoys me at the same time… Our Lead Environment Artist, Tudor, will no longer be working on AWITT because he recently got hired as a concept artist with a well-known game studio. I could not be more proud!

I know first-hand how dedicated and hardworking Tudor has been towards his work with PBS as well as his determination to build a dynamite concept artist portfolio. My hat’s off to this young man; he will be sorely missed!

Please check out his Artstation, Facebook, Learning Blog and Instagram!

The last thing I want to touch upon in today’s blog is only the most obvious thing and important thing I’ve yet to discuss:

thinking-rage-face-meme_designWhat on earth is happening with AWITT?
(*Carmen Sandiego Music looms on in background*)

We definitely hit our stride with AWITT a couple of times, but recently things have slowed down quite a lot. Our plans to have the demo release by October end are unfortunately being pushed back, how pushed back is something that will need to be decided after some conscious planning and deep discussion.

We did want to participate in IGF this year as well, but expectations and reality don’t always match up.  I try not to be too hard or overly critical of myself, even the team is fully aware of how we’re progressing. Just #keepgoing is the moto!


We recently started storyboarding for the game’s Opening Cinematics, it’s coming together, and I can’t wait for the masterpiece my writers, artists and sound guy create!
One of my game writers, Chris, suggested that I create a progress chart based on the game’s completion. Like a visual map of where we currently are and just keep updating it as often as possible.
I think his idea was simply brilliant so I’m going to get to work on it. The best part about the idea is that it enables us to quickly view where we’re at without that overwhelming factor! Because trust me, that happens a lot with big game projects like AWITT!

So that’s all for today folks, I’ll see you back here for our next post!  (I should be back to regular blogging intervals this month hopefully…)

Amina. Amina Khalique | Technical Director .

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