Established in 2015, Pointless Button Studios is a small, dynamic team of experienced and talented professionals, comprised of a game designer, programmer, sound composer and several artists and story writers. We operate out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where we make unique and interesting-styled games!

Amongst the jargon of technical ( and creative ) things we do to make video games a reality, we love covering every inch of any whiteboard with ideas, are never short of sticky notes and love to partake in lengthy discussions about anything on the plane of nerdom! We are in the business of creating FUN!

Work Work Work.pngCorporate culture isn’t really our thing, we don’t wear suits and bowties but we are all about good business and building long-lasting relationships!

Looking to expand our indie market footprint in the gaming community is one of our biggest aspirations and we love personally getting to know all of our fans and supporters on social media.

We’re all incredibly open minded people and believe in sharing our journey with you, so join us and check out the nitty gritty’s of it all on our Dev Blog!