Content Creation

As an indie team, weโ€™re always lacking resources, and one of the biggest setbacks is almost always either crappy finances or not having enough team members. (Weโ€™ve got both yip yip!) Currently three of our team members work on Scenarios โ€“ Indigo, Brad and I. Thatโ€™s a 3D artist, Game Designer and Programmer, working on creating content for this game. And since we need a LOT of content โ€“ we need to generate many scenarios, along with our other tasksโ€ฆ


When you’re looking at a massive table of values, its easy to overlook a very obvious flaw – and that’s where graphing it out gives us a better perspective. I remember when I was creating the “Bladed Weapons” graph above, I noticed a lot of the “Damage” values for multiple weapons was 3 and it instantly stuck out like a sore thumb. If you have any sort of balancing in your game, I suggest taking the extra time to graph it out – it works wonders and you can do it in word without much know-how.