Content Creation

As an indie team, we’re always lacking resources, and one of the biggest setbacks is almost always either crappy finances or not having enough team members. (We’ve got both yip yip!) Currently three of our team members work on Scenarios – Indigo, Brad and I. That’s a 3D artist, Game Designer and Programmer, working on creating content for this game. And since we need a LOT of content – we need to generate many scenarios, along with our other tasks…


When you’re looking at a massive table of values, its easy to overlook a very obvious flaw – and that’s where graphing it out gives us a better perspective. I remember when I was creating the “Bladed Weapons” graph above, I noticed a lot of the “Damage” values for multiple weapons was 3 and it instantly stuck out like a sore thumb. If you have any sort of balancing in your game, I suggest taking the extra time to graph it out – it works wonders and you can do it in word without much know-how.