Instructions (Please read before downloading prototype):

  • Targetted for Windows. Set Resolution to 1920 x 1080 (non-windowed)
  • The game has not been optimized – Starting load time may be long. Loading screen not implemented.
  • If combat begins and you want to skip over the simulation:
    • Click the “End Combat Simulation” button
  • Once the last location is reached, the game will stop. End of the game has not been programmed as of yet, please close the game (alt + f4) to restart.

Download Prototype


  • Stories(Scenarios) function with choice making
    • Results and consequences implementation
  • Basic map traversal
  • Trading mechanic
  • Inventory management
  • Trust mechanic
  • First-pass basic combat simulation – turn based system only
  • Rest mechanic
  • Injuries/resistance management


  • Completed UI art (including item icons)
  • Animation effects
  • Completed background, character and enemy art
  • Combat mechanic
    • Ability mechanic
  • Radio mechanic
  • Music and SFX
  • Resolution management
  • Adding in full list of stories 

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