Have you ever been to a Game Jam?

Surrounded by all those creative minds talking about game design, brainstorming like thereโ€™s no tomorrow, drawing on every surface possible to take down a cool idea?

You can even hear the rampant buzz of artists chatting away at how to match the game’s setting and story with a unique art style and they’re literally talking about colours and shapes and of course, crazed hand gestures!

And then there’s always the clackety-clack of programmers hammering away their ideas into weird languages and data structures, grabbing creative madness out of the air and using it to create a functional system that brings all the fantasy to reality.
It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but damn, it’s fun as hell!

Having a good idea is probably the easiest part of game development, it’s following through and shaping that idea into something more fun that becomes the problem. However, as hard as that already is – it’s building the right team of people who envision making games like you do.
So we’d like to invite you into our sacred bubble, tell you about our progress, our struggles, our successes and all the funny and random quirky things that happen when you’re a game developer. Come into our world and see what being an indie is all about and share your adventures with us too!

We look forward to meeting everyone!

– The Pointless Button Studios Dev Team